Monday, September 28, 2009

how can a person feel so lonely when they are constantly surrounded by people?

i like these lyrics:
"sing with your head up, with your eyes closed. not because you love the song, because you love to sing."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life as of Lately

Me and my pals. (above) Duda, Stace and me. (below) Me, E, Duda and Stace
We were able to go to Hunington Beach while we were in California for a tournament
Stace, E, Duda, Me, Shelb and Nikki
Me giggle bugging it up

These are just some pictures from the game the other day. I look pretty weird when i play haha.

This picture(below) is from practice. Just runnin with the ball

This was the first day of training camp. We went around campus and took pictures as a team. We look so happy...thats cause we haven't started runnin our guts out yet. Oh by the way these are all the sophomores on the team.

One of the first weeks we were all moved in and before school started we had a party at our house haha. We are so social these days....

For a team bonding activity we went on a forever long hike and repelled down 100ft cliffs. It was fun. Made it to Mordor safe and sound
This year is turnin out to be really fun. I live in a house with 5 other girls and 1 adopted girl (duda, she basically lives over here, but doesnt actually sleep here) and we are all on the soccer team. We all get along great and its really fun to live with all of your friends. Im majoring in Physical Education and Im really enjoying it. Im actually taking a class called individual and dual team sports. We just got done playing golf, now we are on to pickleball. haha if you ever want to learn how to play pickleball just ask me Im pro. All and all things are going pretty good.