Tuesday, February 9, 2010

scurred for my life

k i have a story for you all. and this is for real. i find it scary. there are crazy people in this world!!

so, me and elyse are in a bunch of classes with this guy. we see him on campus, say hi. we are pretty cool with him. or so we thought. well this weekend, our soccer team put together a futsal tournament (indoor soccer for those who didn't know), and he was on one of the teams. while he was playing elyse walked past and said "hey!:)" and he responded with a rude, "shut up!" she thought that maybe he was just frustrated with the game or into it or something along the lines. so she just left him alone and kept walking. kinda weird. well today me and e are walking back from our bio lab and he are almost home and he drives past us and honks so i go to wave...and he gave us the bird. and he wasn't playing around or smiling or anything. he was really angry for some weird reason. weird! haha so we were all confused like "whatttt? did that really just happen? why did he do that" and so on and so forth. but it gets better. we are taking a water polo class and this crazy guy is in that class with us too. so we get to water polo and we are playing, he is on the opposing team. and one of my teammates (kyle) is going against this guy. they are both swimming towards the ball, kinda goin at it. and the crazy guy gets mad and punches kyle and says "get off me!" and they start kinda yellin at each other acting like they are about to fight, ya know, gettin all in their faces and stuff. well all the sudden the guy picks up the ball and throws it in kyles face. and if you have felt a water polo ball, they aren't soft haha. wouldnt feel nice. and e was just like "whoa are you serious?" and he was like, "ya and your next!" he picks up the ball and throws it at elyse. so i was like "wow for real?" and he starts comin at me saying crap like "you better shut up! shut your mouth. don't make me do it" comin at me like he wanted to hit me or something. biting his lip. shakin his head. gettin close. i didn't know what to do. i was just like "are you really going to hit me right now? youre gonna hit a girl?" then the teacher finally decided to stop what was going on, blew his whistle, and told him to stop. weird thing is that the teacher didn't take this guy out of the pool to cool down. we just kept playing like nothing happened. well we kept playing for a while then we subbed out. then subbed back in haha but this time the crazy dude doesn't come in to play. thank goodness. but i turn around and he is sitting on the side of the pool right by me and he is like mouthing crap to me and shaking his head, biting his lip. tellin me i need to shut my mouth and get away from him. funny thing though, i wasn't saying a word to this guy. but he kept on saying crap and i was just like "what?" and he picked up the water polo ball to throw it at me, but someone snatched it away before he could let go of it....but yaaaa. that's my story. this guy is crazy. he is bipolar or something. i thought we were cool. he used to like us. but now he wants to kill me. i can hold my own.