Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i'll grow up someday.
right now im good with where i am.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

i like it

sitting by the fire.
listening to neat music.
game night.
pillow talk.
my dads dancing.
peoples laughs. [Farrah ;)]
"fresh out of the shower" smell.
genuinely nice people.
reading peoples blogs.
halo. borris.fitty.throb.sag.reaper.eighth place.
chap stick.
laughing til you cry...or pee. whatever comes first.
having no cavities.
knowing someones there.
singing in the shower.
hot jeans right out of the dryer.
8 seconds&american outlaws.
a cold pillow.
clipped fingernails.
my nephews.
and lots of other things....i like it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is like a journal right? Cause I had a dream last night, and I want to write it down so I can remember it. Here we go...

So, Stacey, Elyse and I were all hanging out. And I don't know what happened but Stacey's ACL was torn. So she couldn't really do anything. So we decided to have a movie marathon at her house. Well Elyse and I left to go change into our PJ's and get blankets and snacks and all that good stuff. And when we were walking back up to her house we both got a really horrible feeling that we needed to run to Stacey because something was wrong. When we got there she was laying on the floor, she had been raped and beaten. So we picked her up and put her in a car that was out front. And started driving. She called her parents and they got her a rental car and a hotel room to stay in. So we went and got the rental car, and started driving to the hotel. But when we got there, we saw the guy that had beaten Stacey and he was in his truck in front of the hotel. So we freaked out and drove away. So we just decided to drive around, and hopefully not see this phycho. Somehow through the whole thing, we got out of the car and started walking around this huge city. And we go into this movie theater and see my family. We tell my fam what was going on and my dad gets all mad and stuff. All of the sudden this man comes to the door and knocks. My dad barely opens the door and asks what he wants, but it's not the man that beat Stacey. So we all take a deep breath of relief. After that, we all leave and walk to this huge party that's happening in the middle of the town or whatever. And we eat, swim, and watch some slide show. While we are leaving, I get really paranoid and I'm like, "Stacey, you have to stay close to me. Please don't walk alone." Then she sees the man. And he is a waiter, waiting to take our plates! So we all grab stacey and run. And he yells, "I think I am in love! Look at her. I want her!" And this guy is creepy and old mind you. While we are running away, somehow the guy grabs stacey. And the last thing I remember is waking up crying with my phone against my head to call someone to help me. Haha. So there you have it. Sorry if it was boring for you to read. I just really didn't want to forget it because I remembered it so vividly! There was a lot of detail I left out because it's way too hard to explain.
k bye

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Successful trip. Disneyland, and friends reception. I'm so happy for Allison and David. Their reception was so cute. They are so happy. And I was glad I could make it. There are quite a few pictures from the trip. enjoy :)

"California Screamin"
we were screamin alright...

The castle
(me, riley, elyse)

"It's tough bein' a bug"


Doin' the cucaracha with some friends

oh great ride

Ruby's on the pier :) yum.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

land of DISNEY

I'm going. :) And cannot wait. I haven't been for a long time. Disneyland is just a happy place! Agree? I like it. But its gonna be a good time
Duda, Elyse and Stacey will all be joining me. And Riley...but she isnt in any of the pictures

Sunday, December 13, 2009

birthday party

I was babysitting my nephews last night. Dawson and Jordan.
Dawson kept saying funny lil things that were makin me laugh. like..
"The elves are watching me."
"I'll be naughty and nice, but not naughty. Just nice."
"You can't open the prethenths til chrithmathsss!" (he has a lisp sometimes)
and that he can't wait til "Jesus' birthday party." haha that one really cracked me up. He is so dang cute.

But then I started thinkin about it, and Dawson is a smart lil boy. What can we give Jesus on Christmas? It is his birthday party!

Just a lil thought for the Holidays :)Wish I had a picture of Jordan...but I don't :(

Friday, December 11, 2009


I love my bros. I miss spending time with them. David is getting so old it's weird. I think he is pretty cute.
They are realllll great


Thursday, December 10, 2009


8 page paper.
I'm on a roll. WRITING. & writing. & WRIting!
I'm on page 6. I go look through my paper to make sure it looks good and....OOPS. I'm missing a page of my paper. Where did it go? What did I write? I don't remember. I only remember that I wrote something, and now it's not there. LOVELY.
Well. Gotta go write that page. Thennnn finish my paper. It's my last assignment. My final paper. Soon I will be homeward bound folks. Semester is over. I just have to keep telling myself that. And needed to take a break from my paper.

K. bye.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Life is interesting isn't it?
So many experiences. good and bad. It is so easy to get discouraged. These past couple weeks have been really interesting for me. I came back to school after Thanksgiving break, with a happy, positive attitude. Then some things came up, school. friends. not friends. I got very discouraged, ready to throw it all away and move home. I thought for sure that that is what I needed to do. I fasted and prayed more than I ever have. I cried. I talked to my parents. Talked to my roommate.

Why would I just give up? My dad gave me some advice..."Dont let someone else ruin your dreams". Thanks Dad.

I am where I am for a reason.

When life comes at you, remember that God knows that you can handle it and you are strong enough to over come anything that comes your way. I am so grateful to have the people I have in my life. Elyse(my roommate) is a great girl. We talk about everything at night when we lay down to go to bed. We talk about the gospel and how much it means to both of us. I am just so glad to live with her and be able to talk about things like that with her. I have the greatest parents. Always have good advice and are both so strong in the gospel. I'm so lucky to have the family I do.

So...thanks. To everyone in my life. For all your examples.

Monday, September 28, 2009

how can a person feel so lonely when they are constantly surrounded by people?

i like these lyrics:
"sing with your head up, with your eyes closed. not because you love the song, because you love to sing."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life as of Lately

Me and my pals. (above) Duda, Stace and me. (below) Me, E, Duda and Stace
We were able to go to Hunington Beach while we were in California for a tournament
Stace, E, Duda, Me, Shelb and Nikki
Me giggle bugging it up

These are just some pictures from the game the other day. I look pretty weird when i play haha.

This picture(below) is from practice. Just runnin with the ball

This was the first day of training camp. We went around campus and took pictures as a team. We look so happy...thats cause we haven't started runnin our guts out yet. Oh by the way these are all the sophomores on the team.

One of the first weeks we were all moved in and before school started we had a party at our house haha. We are so social these days....

For a team bonding activity we went on a forever long hike and repelled down 100ft cliffs. It was fun. Made it to Mordor safe and sound
This year is turnin out to be really fun. I live in a house with 5 other girls and 1 adopted girl (duda, she basically lives over here, but doesnt actually sleep here) and we are all on the soccer team. We all get along great and its really fun to live with all of your friends. Im majoring in Physical Education and Im really enjoying it. Im actually taking a class called individual and dual team sports. We just got done playing golf, now we are on to pickleball. haha if you ever want to learn how to play pickleball just ask me Im pro. All and all things are going pretty good.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trying To Stay Positive

Well this is my last week at home :(. I really am so sad. I don't like leaving my room and friends and family to go down to school. But I'm trying to stay positive about the whole thing. I am just way stressed right now. I work ever day this week. Next Tuesday I leave to go to Hawaii for 10 days. I'm excited but at the same time it really stresses me out to think about it. I HAVE to keep up with running and working out because I have training camp right when I get back! I have to pack up everything I am taking down to Cedar this week before I leave because right when I get back I have to get up and go. Literally. I will be home nice and early Tuesday August 4th. RED EYE. Then the next morning I drive down to Cedar and move into my house. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I'm just venting. Just say a lil prayer for me k?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Dawson's FAVORITE word haha.

This past week I was able to watch my sister Aimee's boys. They were so great. Jordan is always smiling, he is the happiest lil baby. And Dawson...is Dawson. He is so awesome. Seriously makes me laugh all the time. I really enjoyed having them, and got a lil taste of what Aimee goes through 24/7. Except for the fact that it was me and my mom watching them, not just me. Aimee is a trooper. I was so worn out haha. Dawson sure does know how to keep you busy. But I loved watching them. Aimee if you ever need a babysitter don't hesitate to ask, cause you never have :).

We had some fun on photobooth on my computer

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am doing a soccer camp with a couple of my friends this summer to earn some money for college. Please tell any kids you know about it because it's going to be a blast! And that's a promise!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Me and my mom on Heritage Tours. What a trip

She loves to pose

Today I was just looking at my blog and talking to my mother and I commented, "I don't even know why I have a blog, no one reads it." And she replied, "How do you know, I read it!" So if you read it awesome. Thanks. But this post is for my mom, being that she is the only one that reads it and it IS mothers day. Might as well. Today has been nice so far. I got up and my Dad and I made some breakfast for my mom. Well my dad really did most of it, I just flipped the french toast and got out all of the utensils and drinks. Then we went to church at 9am. My mom had to speak on mothers day. She was happy about that. All the moms with their child out on a mission had to speak today and talk about how the mission was going and all that jazz. After sacrament meeting was over the bishop announced that we can just go home and enjoy the day with our mothers. I love when he does that. Now we are all home and mom is slaving away in the kitchen as always. Shes a real cutie. I'm sitting here watching you mom. Little do you know I'm writing about you. She is talking to herself right now actually. Well Tyler...my brother...is calling today at 6pm. I'm excited.Oh and this is my new pet. I caught this lil thing. I just had to add this picture.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Day in the Dorm.

Wow. It's so weird to think that this school year is over. So much has changed and happened over the past 9 months. So what am I doing on this last day in my dorm. Well nothing really. Today has been really weird. I've mainly just wandered around all by myself haha. I had a final at 9am, after that I went and talked to the Finance office...what joys, talked the the cashiers office...even better. Picked up my summer workout for soccer. wohoo! After I did all that...I went and got my favorite drink-strawberry milk-and just sat on a lil table outside. It was nice to have some time alone. I miss it sometimes...well...all the time. Anyway, don't know why I am blabbing on about my day. Really wasn't that exciting. Actually at all. I just decided I needed to document my final day here! Pretty exciting. Summers a neat time I think. Holla back

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Concussed-and just time for a new post

I really don't even know why I have a blog. I'm horrible at blogging. But I'm doing my best. It seems like everyone else is so good at writing and have so much to say, but every time I decide I want to blog I have nothing to blog about. Sorry if I am boring.
Well recently I got a concussion. I've had one before, but this one was worse pretty sure. It's crazy because I can't remember a thing that happened that day before the actual event of the concussing. And I don't remember what happened, just what people have told me. The word on the street is that I was running up to a girl that had the ball and she went to cross it so I jumped and turned a lil bit and the ball smacked me in the back of the head and neck (I know this to be a fact cause I have whip lash from it and my neck is sore haha) and once it hit my on my head it blew me out of the water and I just fell and hit my head on the ground. Awesome right? Well I just have a perma-headache now...no biggie. oh and the doc gave me some meds for my nausea. So that's the most exciting thing that has happened in my life lately. It's actually really really bad timing. Finals week. Not a good time for a concussion. I have such a hard time concentrating. And when I read something I will completely forget what I just read so I have to read it over and over and over til I finally actually remember. Neat huh? Wow. Well longest blog of my life. Sorry for the boringness.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tribute to Spring Break

This was one night when we were at Hunington Beach. We made a fire and got in the ocean...it was actually pretty pleasant. The water wasn't even that cold surpirsingly. But I felt like I should have been on the T.V. show Laguna Beach. OH. And a lil side note...I swear I saw Stephen when I was in california. Promise I did. But anyway
Matty, Elyse, Timmy, Kendel, Me, Bryan
These guys are in the band called Bidwell. Two of the band members are missing, they were too cool I guess to be in the picture. But funny story with them....we are just best friends is all. No biggie. They played a show down in Cedar and we became instant friends, and then they played while we were in LA. It was pretty neat.

Spring break was last week. Me, Becca, Elyse and Kendel all drove down to California. The first couple nights we stayed in Santa Monica right across from the beach. It was nice to be able to walk out of our hotel door and run right into the....McDonalds right across the street...I bet you thought I was going to say beach, well I was, but then I didn't. Ha but really it was nice to have McDonalds right there. We wanted to spend very little on food so Mickey D's was perfect. The rest of the week we spent in Palm Desert. It was sooo hot. And I loved it. 95 degrees.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The crew

The crew (Ken, me and E) took a lil trip down to george...we do this quite often. And we decided to stop on the side of the road and hide behind this lil pile of dirt and take some pictures. We blended in very well. We were actually secretly waiting for kendels friend to drive by so we could make sure he was going the right way. We ended up staying there so long and her friend escaped from us. I really don't know why I am blogging about this, I just decided it was time to blog again. I really don't have a very exciting life so I never know what to say. I am just lucky to have friends like Kendel and Elyse down here with me. We always have a good time together and I love them to death!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun times and KILLER rhymes

A nice side view of his killer steps in the fade

MC Oz flowing

Elyse and I havin the time of our lives

I really don't have anything to blog about so I decided to just add some recent pictures and a neat video. Love You Long Time came to Cedar the other day. It was a fun show...as always. The opening band was Bidwell. They were way good too. Funny story actually, me and the band are just BFF's don't worry. Wow guess I do have something to blog about. We (me, ken, and e) hung out with them after the show. Went to Del, love that place and kicked it like BFF's do. Then the next mornin we went to starbucks with them and played a lil' bit of checkers. Cool huh. I know. Well love you all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I love to see the TEMPLE! I'm going there someday.

Here are some neat temples I have visited. I can't wait to marry my eternal partner in crime in the temple :)

These are a FEW of ma favvvvvortie thangs

Well I woke up this morning, and did NOT want to get up and go to class. Then I started thinking...and these lil things made my day start off so much better.
  1. Longboarding to class is nice
  2. Neat music
  3. Family is coming to visit today :)
  4. It's the weekend
  5. Warm day with blue skies
If that doesn't cheer a person right up I don't know what will. So when you are down and feelin' blue, just make a list of neat things that make you happy and promise you will be in a better mood. Don't let stress get to you.

Just a few pictures. My mother and lil bro are weirdies. So is Dawson. haha. And then thats a blue sky in the picture of me. And blue skies today. Just neat

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Why? That's the question of the day...Why does music have such an influence on us, or at least me? I think music is one of the most powerful things in the world! Really. Music just makes me feel good. I love it.
My top 5 songs right now:
  1. Free Falling -John Mayer
  2. Australia -The shins
  3. I'd Rather Dance With You -Kings of Convenience
  4. Closer -Joshua Radin
  5. Hemvagen -Detektivbyran
Ha there you go. They change from day to day but these songs are way neat. Check them out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beware of faulty roommates!

Elyse is my roommate. So here is the story, last night we were just sitting in our room enjoying ourselves like always and we started laughing about something..I don't remember what it was...but we were laughing hard. I got up out of my chair 'cause I was laughing so hard I was about to pee my pants, while elyse was still sitting in her chair laughing. We both whipped our heads forward while saying "so fetch" (inside joke) and banged our heads together with soooo much force! I ran into the other room crying and elyse fell on the floor crying. We were laughing at what had happened but crying at the same time. Right away we both got goose eggs. Only does that happen to Emily and Elyse.