Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Day in the Dorm.

Wow. It's so weird to think that this school year is over. So much has changed and happened over the past 9 months. So what am I doing on this last day in my dorm. Well nothing really. Today has been really weird. I've mainly just wandered around all by myself haha. I had a final at 9am, after that I went and talked to the Finance office...what joys, talked the the cashiers office...even better. Picked up my summer workout for soccer. wohoo! After I did all that...I went and got my favorite drink-strawberry milk-and just sat on a lil table outside. It was nice to have some time alone. I miss it sometimes...well...all the time. Anyway, don't know why I am blabbing on about my day. Really wasn't that exciting. Actually at all. I just decided I needed to document my final day here! Pretty exciting. Summers a neat time I think. Holla back

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Concussed-and just time for a new post

I really don't even know why I have a blog. I'm horrible at blogging. But I'm doing my best. It seems like everyone else is so good at writing and have so much to say, but every time I decide I want to blog I have nothing to blog about. Sorry if I am boring.
Well recently I got a concussion. I've had one before, but this one was worse pretty sure. It's crazy because I can't remember a thing that happened that day before the actual event of the concussing. And I don't remember what happened, just what people have told me. The word on the street is that I was running up to a girl that had the ball and she went to cross it so I jumped and turned a lil bit and the ball smacked me in the back of the head and neck (I know this to be a fact cause I have whip lash from it and my neck is sore haha) and once it hit my on my head it blew me out of the water and I just fell and hit my head on the ground. Awesome right? Well I just have a perma-headache biggie. oh and the doc gave me some meds for my nausea. So that's the most exciting thing that has happened in my life lately. It's actually really really bad timing. Finals week. Not a good time for a concussion. I have such a hard time concentrating. And when I read something I will completely forget what I just read so I have to read it over and over and over til I finally actually remember. Neat huh? Wow. Well longest blog of my life. Sorry for the boringness.