Thursday, April 7, 2011

blah blah blah

im back . hey . hi . whats up . its only been a year . thats fine right ? no one missed me :) .

i ate at costa today . lets just say i didnt have the best experience...
i enjoy thunder .
running 5 miles might sound miserable to you , but it might be really nice sometimes .
i daydream , a whole lot .
i HAVE to clip my fingernails on a regular basis or i get annoyed . really annoyed .
maybelline might be the worst line of make up . but thats just my personal opinion
i have an obsession with watching covers of songs on youtube . i do it for hours .
i have thee smallest mouth ever . i laugh when i look at it sometimes . poor me .
running away sounds like a good idea .
music never gets old . am i listening to music now ? yes .
i hate snow. i get in trouble for using the word hate , so thats why its itzy bitzy . why i live in utah ? good question .
did i just waste a few minutes of your day ? i know .


Ash & Paul said...

what a lovely surprise!! :) I am happy you updated.

Kimberly said...

haha, you crack me up. I love it. Post more often, little lady!!!